Omicron update - January 2022

In January 2022, we published further guidance to our Sporting Memories clubs across England and Wales following the latest information on the Omicron variant in the Coronavirus pandemic.

The information below is given as recommendations and considerations for clubs to take across England and Wales when reopening, following the closure of all clubs in December 2021.

January 20th 2022 Update: With the imminent lifting of Plan B restrictions, we still recommend that all of the Sporting Memories clubs take appropriate precautions to protect our members, volunteers and staff.

Recommendations and Considerations

Clubs can reopen in England and Wales but we would strongly advise to follow the recommendations and considerations below. If you do reopen, please be reassured that every effort is being taken to keep everyone as safe as possible but of course there is still a risk.

Also please keep us up to date with your intentions so our website is up to date along with our communications. If you need further any information or guidance, please contact Susie Brindley, COO in England and Wales.


  • Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment. As COVID-19 remains a Health and Safety risk, its risk to your staff, volunteers & members should be assessed and controls put in place to reduce that risk, so you comply with Health and Safety law. Please feel free to use this template when completing your Health and Safety risk assessment.
  • Keep comprehensive registration records for Track and Trace. Please feel free to use this template when completing your registration records.
  • Make hand washing and hand sanitisation facilities available in indoor settings
  • Wear face masks in indoor settings
  • Maintain social distancing in indoor settings and minimise the number and duration of social contacts
  • Retain signage, e.g., one-way systems, social distancing
  • Ensure adequate ventilation and hold activities outside where possible
  • Ensure staff and volunteers that are unwell do not attend activities
  • Recommend LFT testing before attending and request people isolate if they are positive


Please also bear in mind some of the following items when reopening your clubs:

  • The emergency contact details for your team and member
  • What difficulties and issues will arise if your team are off sick or isolating, and how will you manage this?
  • How will you manage expectations of members, families and carers and volunteers?
  • How would you manage a members or volunteer or staff member testing positive?
  • Phone calls or Zoom clubs as an alternative or an addition – these can be added to our website through David Gallagher if your clubs goes online for the interim.


We’ve also created an activities sheet that contains a whole range of ideas ideal for keeping sessions entertaining for members whilst respecting social distancing.

Download the activities sheet here.

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