40 not out and a visit from a local MP! Sudbury club welcome guests as club continues to grow

Our club in Sudbury has been going strong since its launch in May 2022 and earlier this week they celebrated their 40th Sporting Memories session held at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre with some special local guests.

Welcoming an MP and sports commentator!

As part of the 40th session, James Cartlidge, MP for South Suffolk & Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, and South Suffolk Councillor Mary McLaren, Cabinet Member for Communities & Wellbeing, visited the club to take in their latest meeting where they were joined by over 40 people from the local community!

The session also featured a guest speaker in broadcaster Dave Richardson. Dave has had an illustrious career spanning over three decades commentating on motorsport, in particular as part of the global broadcasting of the Ferrari Challenge series in recent years.

Dave spoke about entering his fourth decade of sports commentating as well as sharing some of the incredible insights he has had travelling all over the world covering motorsport.

Time to get to know the special guests

Following Dave’s discussion on his career in Sports Broadcasting, the members were given the opportunity to split into smaller groups where they had the chance to speak with James and Mary on local issues relating to South Suffolk, as well as share their own unique stories of living and enjoying sport within the county.

Dave also took the opportunity to join the smaller groups of members as they discussed their motorsport knowledge in more detail as well as grilling the commentator and broadcaster further on his career.

Reflecting on the past eight months

It was a memorable event to mark the 40th session of the Sudbury Sporting Memories and Club Facilitator Andy Read reflected on the positive impact it has had on members since launching last year.

“Today was brilliant and I must say a huge thank you to Dave, James and Mary for their time to not only come along and see Sporting Memories in action, but to also contribute to the session and engage deeply with our members and guests.

“When we launched the club in May (2022), we were hopeful of bringing together older people from the local community on a regular basis with a shared passion of sport, but we didn’t expect to see the club grow so quickly and bring great joy to a range of people across Sudbury and beyond.

“We’ve had some wonderful guests over the past few months and I can’t thank them all enough as it has helped us develop the members understanding of different sports, but also kept them active and engaged in our sessions which is the most valuable aspect of our club here in Sudbury.”

To find out more about the Sudbury club and to join their weekly sessions, get in touch with Andy via andy.read@talk21.com


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