Sport across the generations at Calderwood

Sport is such a level playing field no matter what you prefer: football rugby, tennis, racing, athletics - Memories are made every day in sport - It doesn’t matter if you are 11 or multiples of 11, sports fans always have so many things in common as we found out earlier in the month at Calderwood, East Kilbride. This report from our Community Co-ordinator, Yvonne Friel explains.

At the beginning of the month our Calderwood Sporting Memories Club had the pleasure of welcoming 13 P7 youngsters to our club from the local Primary School, Long Calderwood,

We were approached by their teacher, Mr Steven McGeehan, who was interested in what we do at our weekly meetings, and he thought that it would be a great opportunity for his P7 class to visit and interact with our members.

Prior to their visit, the pupils had great fun with our Sporting Pinks, especially Spot the Ball. A timeless classic test of observation, skill and pure downright luck! This will now become a weekly activity within the classroom.

When the boys arrived, they were very excited and eager to meet our members. They brought along collections of Football Cards and had great fun showing these to the group. We then invited the boys to split up and sit beside a Sporting Memories member and before you could say “Goal” they all were chatting away.

As always, the group starts with the club song “When you are smiling” but as you might guess none of the younger boys had heard of the song! They don’t know what they are missing!  Following that we went with our “On with the Ball” topic and the boys had great delight in sharing their answers to:-

  • “Which team in Scotland and England do they support?”
  • “Who is their favourite player?”

We then gave the pupils two flash cards each, all Scotland and England players. They took it in turn to read out the information on the back of the cards to the group which sparked up conversations and memories of the players. The pupils seemed to really enjoy this.

The boys also had great fun with a game of golf and Boccia under the guidance of our more experienced members.

Members had a fantastic time interacting with the pupils, listening to all their interests and what the sporting world means to them was lovely to witness.

The pupils will be returning to the club sometime after the school October holidays as the girls from the class are also eager to come along,

The club agreed that this is going to be a great new friendship with the local Primary School. We have had talks with their teacher, Mr McGeehan, about a project for the pupils to develop a physical activity which both pupils and members can do together. Watch this space for future developments!


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