Sporting Memories Summer of Sport in Scotland

With August now underway, we are all enjoying a varied Summer of Sport, mostly ‘on the box’. Everything from cycling to tennis has been keeping our attention. But how about actually taking part in your own summer sporting event? As one of our male members from East Kilbride said “We read and watch all these sports people, it’s nice to be the Sportsman for once”

Clubs in Scotland have done just that, setting up their own sporting summer events for members to partake in, inclusive of all physical or cognitive abilities. The wonderful volunteers in East Kilbride and Fife set about organising a wide range of activities that gave our members the chance to show off their sporting prowess and get a little bit exercise at the same time.

Of course, each club split into teams as no matter how old we get, we all just love to rack up those winning scores and take home the trophies. It would be fair to say that the competitive nature of our sportsmen and women gave rise to a lot of fun, cheering and banter.

Something for everyone

Games were carefully curated to ensure that all members could take part and experience the joy of positive achievement. Football orientated games were, as you’d expect very popular, with “Beat the Goalie” and “Penalty Shoot-out” adapted so that those with mobility challenges were able to add to their team’s score. One member said, “I was so pleased, I didn’t fall over once” and another related that he had walked further round the arena than he had done at all since a recent stroke and how that had empowered him to challenge himself to more daily walking.

Darts and Bean Bags helped with warming up the arms, Spot the Ball gave rise to much discussion, skittles needed concentration and co-ordination, curling called for team strategy, golf helped with balance and, as we’ve said, football just brought back memories of jumpers for goalposts and the light of the street lamp before being called in for the night!

A celebratory lunch was just the ticket afterwards for the clubs with team performance chat and presentation of trophies (we do exaggerate slightly!) the trophies were rather small more worthy of being called mini plastic cups! But nevertheless, still received with much joy and jubilation.

Roll on 2024 when we hope to roll out a wider Summer of Sport and maybe invest in slightly larger trophies this time!

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