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We’re supporting the Sport for Development Coalition’s ‘Open Goal’ campaign, which will showcase how sport and physical activity can contribute to building a fairer, more equitable and sustainable future.

‘Open Goal’, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6th, will highlight how the Coalition's 200-plus members specifically support a series of positive health and societal outcomes such as reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, improving health and wellbeing, and building stronger communities and social cohesion in the wake of Covid-19.

The campaign, which will run throughout 2022, will support national policies aimed at 'levelling up' communities and tackling deep-seated inequalities, but also connect with global efforts advocating sport's role in peace-building and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of our support for ‘Open Goal’, our CEO, Chris Wilkins, reflected on how our work with older people across communities in the UK is helping to support a better future.

“Sporting Memories is a charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of older people across the UK and beyond by providing a simple but effective format – which is offering a regular, safe and welcoming environment where all can reminiscence about sport as well as partake in physical activity,” Chris began.

“We believe our network of clubs support the missions 7, 8 and 9 of the Government’s ‘Levelling Up’ White Paper, which focus on improving the health, wellbeing and also pride in place for people across the UK.

“Through our clubs, we bring together predominantly older people to our sessions where we aim to provide a positive change for to break some of the biggest challenges they face such as isolation, loneliness and depression. We also provide activities and help across multi-generations that support loved ones that are living with dementia and other long-term conditions.

“Our clubs provide a community feel within their local areas which we believe also re-ignite a pride in place that helps to develop community relationships between our members and local sports clubs, community groups and charities, that ultimately make everyone involved proud to be associated.

“We believe the ring-fencing of funding for sport and physical activity programmes will play an essential role in levelling up our society and that is why we support the Sport For Development Coalition and it’s Open Goal campaign.”

To find out more about Open Goal, visit the Sport for Development Coalition Website here.

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