Looking for a Christmas gift? Why not buy the lostfootballs book!

In October 2022, we teamed up with the brilliant guys who curate the @lostfootballs accounts on social media platforms such as X and Instagram, to launch their first ever book, showing the world of lost or discarded footballs.

Buy the @lostfootballs book here

It’s been over a decade since the @lostfootballs account on Twitter (now known as X) was created by Matthew Lutz, and with the support of Adam Barnfield, the duo have created a social media following that has become viral through its posts.

Matt explained the meaning behind the account and his and Adam’s passion behind it: “In its simplest terms, @lostfootballs is just people sending in photos of lost or discarded footballs that they’ve seen on the travels. We then repost the photos with some song lyrics.

“We both love football and music so it seemed a natural combo. We didn’t realise so many other people would follow it or get involved. We must get around 2-3 photos sent in each day and we then share our favourites with our followers.”

“We all remember certain balls and especially those we lost along the way. Whether it was the ones booted into neighbours’ gardens or out to sea on holiday some of them stick – in my case, especially a beloved Mitre Delta in 1987.”

The @lostfootballs accounts have received significant support and coverage over the years, in someway through their strict policy of no rugby or other sports ball, but also thanks a nostalgic connection with the past.

“I think everyone can relate to the idea of the simplicity of a ball and we have lots of followers with no interest in football at all,” Matt said.

“@lostfootballs works as it combines putting an instantly recognisable objects into the everyday normal environment, giving it a new perspective and you don’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate that.

“For those that do love the game it’s a reminder of the joys of playing the game in the street or park with your mates, even of simpler times. The lyrics also help – who doesn’t love the combination of a ball up a tree with some random lines from a Blur song?”

Matt and Adam have also been very generous with their support to Sporting Memories through @lostfootballs, having created a calendar for several years that gave the proceeds to support our work with older people across the UK. And in 2022, they set about creating their first ever book.

Since the launch of the book at the National Football Museum in October 2022 it has been sold to lostfootballs followers globally, with Matt delighted with the reaction from those who have bought it so far.

“It’s been really positive with media attention from around the world but more importantly it’s had really lovely feedback from followers who were given it as presents and it has generated lots of discussion and memories.”

With Christmas just around the corner, the book is still on sale on the Sporting Memories shop for £10 (exc. Postage and Packaging) and Matt encouraged everyone to get their copy to help support our work.

“Firstly, it’s a great book with superb photos and written memories from some famous football types and secondly every penny from the book sales goes to Sporting Memories – a brilliant charity that supports those living with dementia, depression and loneliness amongst older people.”

We wrapped up our conversation by asking what might be in the future for @lostfootballs?

“We used to do a calendar each year but haven’t for a wee while – but we keep getting asked if one is out this year, so maybe for 2025…”

To purchase your @lostfootballs book in time for Christmas, buy yours now by clicking here!

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