Returning for more! Meet second time runner Michael

The Great North Run is taking place in September and we’re delighted to have a host of runners who are fundraising for us here at Sporting Memories. One of those runners will be doing it for the second consecutive year as Michael Peacock runs for us once again!

Our journey with Michael started last year as he was getting ready for the delayed London Marathon, which he had secured a place to run in before the pandemic.

It came about last year when everyone was struggling following the gradual release of lockdowns because of the pandemics, and at the time I was training for the London Marathon, which had been delayed from 2020 where I was running for the Woodland Trust, the charity which I work for.

“With the uncertainty of whether the Marathon would actually happen, Kelly (Our Director of Impact and Fundraising) got in touch to ask if I would take a place which Sporting Memories had for the Great North Run.

“I said I was delighted to do it because it helped with training for the Marathon which did eventually take place, but also because I believe it’s (Sporting Memories) a fantastic charity that does a lot of great work with older people through sport.”

So, in September of 2021, Michael completed the Great North Run for us and was able to raise awareness as well as some funds along the way. He is looking forward to representing us again this year as well!

“I was proud to wear the vest and be able to represent the charity whilst running through the streets of Newcastle and have those watching on the streets see the charity as I ran past.

“Fast forward a year later and it’s now a charity I am much more familiar with and it meant that I was keen to support the charity this year too. However, I am solely running the Great North Run this year, so my focus is entirely on this run and supporting Sporting Memories.”

Michael referenced that further knowledge of the charity meaning he is aware of the great impact our clubs have all across the British mainland.

“With family, and particularly older generations, we tend to speak quite a bit about sport and the memories of going to big sporting events gone by, such as the FA Cup, which bring back vivid experiences – so for me I can completely relate to what the charity does and how it can support older people.

“One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that you eventually end up playing less sport and being less active as you get older, and I think that one of the brilliant things Sporting Memories recognises - is that you need to be active at any age – even if it’s just going to a weekly session and speaking with like-minded people.”

Michael will be aiming to raise some cash as well as raise awareness of our work as he takes on the half-marathon once again and he had this final message for anyone who would like to support him.

“I’d just like to encourage as many people as possible to donate if they can. I know times are tough at the moment, but I’d love to see loads of people give just a few quid rather than a few make big donations, as it will help to get Sporting Memories out there and what they do a lot further.”

Visit our Great North Run JustGiving page to donate to Michael and our fellow runners


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