Partnerships and Sponsorships

At Sporting Memories we believe in the power of teamwork.

Without this ethos, we wouldn’t be able to support older people stretching the breadth of England, Scotland, Wales and beyond the UK.

With over 150 clubs currently running regular sessions, we have a significant reach into communities across Great Britain and make a real positive impact to older people aged 50+ whether they are living with long-term conditions such as dementia, living in isolation and loneliness or just looking for a regular activity to get them out of the house – essentially, we’re here for older people from all backgrounds and abilities.

Our work would not be possible without the many partnerships we hold dearly across Great Britain and we’re on the lookout for further partners to expand our network of amazing clubs and activities.

The Power of Partnerships

A partnership with Sporting Memories can work in many productive and exciting ways which can enable you to make a real difference on the lives of older people, whilst being of benefit to staff and stakeholders within your organisation.

Here’s some of the ways that a partnership can be a positive to any organisation’s CSR work:

Working alongside older people in your local community

We can connect you with older people based near your offices at our clubs to build stronger relationships in your community. This can not only improve your understanding local issues and how you can play your role to improve lives of older people, but this can potentially provide a pathway for older staff members or former employees who have retired with connecting with Sporting Memories locally.

Helping address loneliness and isolation

Our clubs are all about giving older people a place to feel appreciated and share their passion for sport, but we also welcome all members of the local community who want to come along and enjoy a community session regardless of their love for sport or not.

With your support we can offer many opportunities for our club members to take part in fun and inclusive activities which are designed to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. This will ultimately help our members to find friendships and community that can help them to avoid isolation and feelings of loneliness.

Helping to sustain our groups in difficult times

These are challenging times for everyone across Great Britain, from a cost-of-living crisis to the challenges of recovering from a global pandemic. But with your support we can continue to keep our clubs going in a range of community-valued settings including libraries, care homes, leisure centres and so many more.

Your support can not only help to maintain sessions going in the local area, it can also help us to deliver a wide range of local-based activity to keep members engaged and feeling the benefits of being part of a Sporting Memories club!

Involve your employees with our clubs

Sporting Memories clubs are a great way of involving your staff with a local initiative which can be of real benefit to older people in your community.

Whether it’s involving your staff in the running of Sporting Memories sessions in the local area, or helping with special events and visits to local attractions, our range of activity provides a plethora of options for staff to use their CSR hours in an effective and positive manner.

What we can offer you

Here are some of the ways we can support your organisation thanks to our partnership model:

  • Create joint branding to display the partnership publicly including the development of bespoke events and initiatives
  • Positive press relations and media activity displaying the partnership and its impact in the local community
  • Compelling case studies featuring clubs you support, their members or organisation staff
  • Social media profiling through content and stories across our channels that have over 28,000 followers combined
  • Dementia training and support for organisation staff


We’re always interested to hear from anyone who is looking to sponsor our work or partner with us, whether it be through a club, initiative or helping us to find the right resources to help older people in local communities.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us via


We’re always on the lookout for volunteers to help run our clubs all across England, Scotland and Wales – find out more here.

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