The Sporting Memories KITbag

The Sporting Memories KITbag provides a gentle, practical way to encourage and aid activity at home. It is available for both individuals and organisations to purchase.

There are details at the bottom of this page about how to order the KITbag.

"I’ve been using my exercise band when I watch the telly. It helps to keep me moving and I feel like I’m achieving something each day."

– Jim, KITbag recipient

"Since receiving the KITbag I have been doing exercises daily and I am much more mobile. I even went outside for a short walk!”

– Aneurin, KITbag recipient

Watch our short video about the KITbag and hear from some of the people who are using it:


The KITbag comes in a sturdy cardboard box and contains:

  • A stress ball, light resistance band and a beach ball
  • A drawstring bag to keep everything in
  • A personal week-by-week logbook for easy recording of activities and progress
  • An exercise guide booklet
  • A DVD with exercise videos, sporting reminiscence videos and sporting discussions
  • Four printed copies of our 'Sporting Pink' nostalgia paper
  • Information about online Sporting Memories groups and phone circles

The story behind the Sporting Memories KITbag

Following the start of the pandemic, we had to move online. Although we do some gentle activity during our online sessions, we became aware that some of our members were becoming increasingly inactive or immobile – in line with older members of the general public. And not everyone is able to join us online.

So we began to think about how else we could encourage gentle exercise at home and reach out to older adults. Alongside initiatives such as ‘Steps for Sporting Memories’ virtual walks, we developed a pack – the Sporting Memories KITbag – for older people to use in their own homes, or in residential settings.

Who is using the KITbag?

The KITbag is used by Sporting Memories Club members, organisations working with older people in the community, and members of the public. The equipment and exercises have been carefully selected and tested with our members, designed to be safe for those who are relatively frail. Read some of our KITbag stories.

How to order the KITbag

The Sporting Memories KITbag costs £50 per pack (plus delivery). Please visit our online shop to purchase the KITbag.

Do you represent an organisation?

If you are interested in purchasing a bulk number of KITbags – or in opportunities to develop additional Sporting Memories activities to complement the KITbags – please complete our KITbag enquiry form.

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